On a rainy day…

OK, it does sometimes rain in the Peak District. On days like this you could just relax on our comfy sofas with a great book or in front of a good film. Or you could think about heading out to some of the following, less weather dependant activities…

Conservatory, Pavilion Gardens

Photo: Pavilion Gardens Conservatory by Jillyspoon

Pavilion Gardens (5 mins walk)

Wander through the conservatory, check out the art displays in the ‘Gallery in the Gardens‘, have a drink or a bite to eat in the cafe or look around one of the 100+ events held here each year.

Buxton Museum (5 – 10 mins walk)

It might not look like much from the outside but the museum certainly packs in the content once you open the door! Find out about the history of the area, view pieces by local artists and see if you can catch one of the temporary exhibitions on display.

Photo: Paul Stephenson

Photo: View to the Devonshire Spa by Paul Stephenson

Buxton Crescent Health Spa Hotel (10 mins walk)

Located minutes away, the recently opened Buxton Crescent has one of the UK’s most impressive spas, set in the Grade 1 listed glory of the refurbished Georgian crescent. T: 01298 808 999

Buxton Swimming Pool (5 – 10 mins walk)

The Buxton Swimming & Fitness Centre has both a large and small pool to cater for all ages and abilities. There’s a variety of sessions run everyday – call to check when’s the best time for your visit T: 01298 766142

Buxton Crescent Experience (5-10 mins walk)

In a town whose history is shaped by water, The Buxton Crescent Experience reveals the story of a special spa town, the renowned water and recent restoration of the Crescent building. Interactive self led or guide led tours available.

Poole’s Cavern (20 mins walk, 5 min drive)

Take a guided journey beneath the earth, explore the vast limestone caverns and see how crystal stalactites have lined the chambers over millions of years. If caverns aren’t your thing why not have a bite to eat in the visitor centre cafe? The play area outside is a great place for younger kids. The big kids can do ‘Go Ape‘ which is on the same site.

Ice Cream Farm & Pottery Painting (15 min drive)

Ok they don’t actually ‘farm’ ice cream but Blaze Farm up on the moors is a great place for a trip out – there’s a nature trail, tea room and a HUGE range of home made ice creams. For the animal lovers there is an assortment of farm animals (LOTS of lambs in Spring) to say hello to and for the more artistic you could try your own bit of ceramic painting at the Potty Sheep ceramic studio.