Environmental Info

Environmental Quality Mark Award

1261_eqm_sticker_col_www_certSince April 2015 we’ve been thrilled to have be awarded the Peak District Environmental Quality Mark. This is an award which recognises businesses who are working to reduce their environmental impact and contribute to their local and global environment. It shows that we’re proud of Buxton and the Peak District, our business, and that we are doing our best to reduce our impact on the environment. For more information see: https://www.eqm.org.uk/peakdistrict/award-holders .

good-energy-logoEnergy: We’ve lagged the loft, fitted secondary glazing, added things called TRVs (which mean you can turn the radiators up and down), used low energy and super low LED lights as well as adding draft strips to some gaps in the hope you’ll keep cosy. Our white goods have energy ratings from A to A+ and our Energy is supplied by Good Energy who are the greenest company on the market (sourcing 100% renewable electricity and green gas).

Water: We’ve installed low flush toilets and given you the choice of a shower to help save water. We also make an annual donation to the charity WaterAid.

recyclingRubbish: Most of your rubbish can be recycled (paper, card,  glass, all rigid plastics, all food waste, and tins / cans). We do our best to buy products in bulk or with less packaging to stop those landfill sites filling up – supporting our local ‘Zero Waste’ shop (Day Zero) which is only 5 mins walk from The Servants’ Quarters.

Products: We’ve bought reclaimed, repaired and sourced enMethod productsvironmentally friendly products to hopefully give the cottage a bit of character and do our bit for the environment. The carpets are 100% British wool, the cleaning products are eco friendly
(Method or Ecover) and the wall paints were low in evil things called VOCs.

Local Economy: We’ve worked hard to source as many of the items in the house from or around Buxton. We’ve also used Buxton suppliers and tradesman to help support the local economy and make sure Buxton’s got a range of independent and interesting shops for you to have a nose around if that’s your kind of thing.

Transport: We only live around the corner so our travel costs to look after The Servants’ Quarters have amounted mainly to shoe leather. Buxton does have some great bus links and a train station so there are lots of options for going on a public transport adventure whilst you’re here! We can’t guarantee it, but you might even meet some friendly people on that bus.

Wildlife: We’re not experts but there’s a lot of it in and round Buxton. We provide books on birds, trees and bugs should you be interested in finding out what you’ve just spotted.